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A site dedicated to the Mold families of Middleton Cheney

 - To forget one's ancestors is to be a brook without a

source, a tree without a root.


Baptism of Mary & Thomas, daughter and son of Thomas Mold & his wife Frances 4 Jan 1786 in the parish church Middleton Cheney

I am from all those who have come before

And those still to come

They are me and I am them

Important notice

Where possible all references to the Mold family have been sourced & acknowledgements made. As this is not always possible to do on every item kindly donated, those of you who have kindly helped in the construction of this site have been listed below. Being a free site, space and resources are limited, but we hope each item placed within this site is of some interest to you.                                                           Signed                                                                                                                                                             AnthonysofWorcestershire, site designer and moldofmc, site owner


All pages on this site are courtesy of either myself, the local Record Office, members of the Mold family or freely available on the web. 


I would like to thank Stephen Hodson who is descended from Thomas Mold and Ann Herbage for setting me on the right path.


The descendants of Alfred Mold, still living in the village, for their wonderful memories, & the Middleton Cheney voluntary Archivist for all her work on the history of Middleton.


To Kathleen Palmer, grandaughter of Jeremiah Mold for the photos on Jeremiah's page

To Roger Mold and daughter Johanna in New Zealand for sharing knowledge and photographs which are on loan from the "Thomas Mold and Elizabeth Webb of Flore, families of New Zealand"


To Grahame Mold for his photo additions to TG Mold's album in the gallery


 and to Sarah Lissemore-John, without her encouragment and assistance it would not have been possible. 


 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed and all efforts will be made to rectify mistakes if possible. This site is designed purely as a reference point, & for fun for descendants of the Mold family and not for public use. 





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